The Taj Mahal of Indiana Horse Boarding
Why Board at Rosebud

We believe, the term "creature comfort" was coined to describe the way our Indiana horse boarding guests are treated by their hosts at Rosebud Ranch. We love horses and it shows in everything we do. Rosebud Ranch is one of the most advanced, state-of-the-art horse boarding facilities in the area, in Indiana…and in the Midwest. No attention to detail has been overlooked in the care and feeding of your horse. From heated stalls, hot showers, automatic water bowls, premium feed, cushioned stall mats, to well-appointed indoor and outdoor riding arenas, Rosebud Ranch is a horse owner's paradise. The only thing missing is room, or should we say, stall service.

Horse Boarding Across Borders

What's even more exciting, is that our facilities are also for our neighbors in Illinois, the rest of the Midwest, and even the rest of the US. We talk an awful lot about being part of Indiana and we are proud of our state, but we do more then just Indiana Horse Boarding. Our four legged and two legged friends from Illinois and Michigan are always welcome. With premier facilities, over a hundred acres of beautiful riding space, and top of the line indoor facilities for your horse and you, know that we can take care them between the visits and offer you a great place to spend your days visiting.

Horse Boarding Services
  • Indiana Horse Boarding

    Our services include indoor and outdoor boardiing that way our clients can select the best fit for their animals and their wallets. Don't worry though, even if you are on a budget, you'll find that you get a great value for horse's boarding and stabling needs.

  • Why Board with Rosebud

    Horse boarding is just more than feeding the animal and cleaning out the stall. From medical care to grooming to nutritional programs our team of experienced equine professionals is here to help you and your animal every step of the way.

  • Horseback Riding Lessons

    Want to learn the basics, need a refresher on competition style riding? Just looking to help improve your child's mental discipline and physical coordination? Riding lessons can do all that and more.

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