Why Board at Rosebud

We get it! Rosebud Ranch understands how Indiana horse owners feel about their horses. We know if it were up to you, you'd spend all day with your animal. That's how we feel, too! We also know that you want your horse to be given top-of-the-line care and attention when you can't be there with them.

Horse boarding can be scary, you're putting your faith in someone in the Indiana Horse Boarding industry to look after your horse with all the same attention that you would pay. With Rosebud Ranch we love horses, each and every one. Whether it is one of our boarding guests or one of our own, we enjoy the whinnies, snorts, getting to feed them, and we even don't mind cleaning out the stalls!

Your horse is also turned out and groomed daily to assure they remain active and fit. And, should your horse require a visit from the vet or chiropractor, we can either recommend a doctor for your or welcome your vet. We have access to vets and chiropractors that will come directly to the barn for your convenience and to reduce the stress of the animal. In the event of an emergency, we have an extensive relationship with the Purdue University Agriculture and Veterinary departments and can make sure you're animal receives the best urgent medical care available.

Indoor Horse Boarding

Art has made sure that the horse boarding facilities at Indiana's Rosebud Ranch include the most advanced, state-of-the-Art amenities available today (plus Art likes to get his name on the website)…with a little love and attention extra thrown in.

In the horse stable, each 12'x12' heated stall is complete with windows, automatic water bowls, premium bedding, cushioned stall mats, ceiling fans, premium feed, and hot water showers. In addition to spacious and luxurious stalls, your horse is turned out and groomed on a daily basis, constantly monitored, and generally treated the same way that you would if you could.


At Rosebud Ranch, we understand that everyone wants to keep their horse indoors, but it can be rather expensive. That's why we have plenty of beautiful pastures for grazing, affordable feeding options, and each horse is checked twice daily to make sure they are doing well. Don't worry, outdoor boarders are always provided with shelter during inclement weather or when needed. Outdoor horses graze in the pasture eight months a year. In the colder months, they are taken to a dry lot where they are provided with bales of hay and given a grain supplement. And don't worry, our outdoor horse boarding guests get the same dose of love and affection.

More Than Just Stables
360 Degree Approach, 365 Days a Year

At Rosebud, we believe in a 360-degree approach in the care and feeding of your horse. From the inside to the outside, your horse is our number one concern. Boarding your horse with Rosebud is an around the clock promise on our part to make sure your animal's needs are met, health is maintained, and happiness fulfilled.
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