Horse Boarding Stables
Rosebud Ranch is one of Indiana's premier horse stables. 
At the very least, it is our favorite horse stable, with many amenities and great features for horses and riders alike.

The Horse Stables
At the heart of any ranch is the horse stable. Everything from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between, has been carefully considered to assure that your horse has a stable and healthy environment. Our horse boarding guests and their owners can take advantage of the many amenities we offer.

Constant Monitoring - The stable has been designed to assure constant monitoring of the entire stable and horses to assure your horse's safety and protection. Each horse is checked twice a day to make sure they are okay and to give them a little extra love and attention.
Air Flow - The stable has been laid out so there is a steady stream of fresh air constantly flowing throughout from door to door.
Stall Ceiling Fans - Each stall comes complete with its own ceiling fan to assure the comfort of the horse.
Large - Each stall is a minimum of 12' x 12' to provide plenty of room for the horse's comfort.
Premium Stall Bedding/Cushioned Stall Mats - Stall flooring has been designed to prevent slippage and is cleaned on a daily basis.
Climate Controlled - Each stall is heated in the fall/winter months and has fresh air flowing throughout in the spring/summer months.
Automatic Stall Water Bowls - To keep the horse hydrated at all times, automated water bowls have been installed in each stall.
Feed Selection - An assortment of feed options based on the nutritional requirements of your horse will be discussed when you board your horse.
Wash Rack - A large, two-shower wash rack is located in the stable, and has been designed for the owner to tie the lead line to the horse's bridle and may be tethered to either side. The showers offer plenty of space to wash the horse from "end-to-end". The showers offer hot water and plenty of shelving to easily accommodate soaps and grooming equipment. Outdoor showers are also available. (We even have showers for people, too, should you like to get freshened up after a brisk ride.)
Washers/Dryers- For your convenience, washers and dryers are available in the stall area should you wish to clean horse blankets or other gear.
Lockers- You are given your own locker when you board your horse at Rosebud. This provides our horse owners with privacy and a safe place to store their bridles, grooming equipment, tack, brushes, gloves, jabs, etc.
Daily Turnout Service- Exercise is as important to your horse's overall health as is its feed regimen. That's why we use all-grass turnouts for your horse's daily exercise routine.
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